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JFK Assassination

JFK, Oswald, Cuba, and the Mafia

David Pratt, a scholar with little taste for conspiracy theories, read the Warren Commission Report on the John F. Kennedy assassination and assumed that the facts had been examined thoroughly, and that its conclusion, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, was unimpeachable.

His first doubt surfaced when he encountered Bertrand Russell’s essay,16 Questions about the Assassination in 1967. Pratt began scouring many of the hundreds of books on the topic, but they raised myriad questions.

Who shot President Kennedy? Did Oswald act alone or as one of a group? Was he, as he claimed, a “patsy”? What was the role of organized crime? How did Jack Ruby manage the split-second timing that allowed him to kill Oswald? How to explain the many witnesses who died sudden and violent deaths in the aftermath of the tragedy? How trustworthy were the two government commissions, the Warren Commission of 1964 and the House Commission of 1978?

As Pratt delved into the records, he noticed a gap in the literature: the absence of a work that simply presents the evidence and allows readers to make up their own minds. This short e-book fills that gap. It is a timeline of events, presenting only firmly established factual evidence right up to the present. His brief commentary appears at end. The truth may remain elusive, but the reader will be equipped with evidence to form a judgment.

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